Healthy Locs 101 Class (Part 1)

In my latest video I’m giving the basics on locs and natural hair care to a class of future barbers/hairstylist in Atlanta,GA. It was filmed on an extremely hot day in a room with no working air conditioner so forgive the sound of the loud fan in the background lol. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy !



3 thoughts on “Healthy Locs 101 Class (Part 1)

  1. Adding essential oils to your shea butter such as peppermint, tea tree or rosemary is great for hair health. Also using a whipped shea butter is smoother and less clogging for your hair. If you can’t find it pre whipped then you can create your own my blending shea butter with a carrier oil such as coconut, extra virgin olive, jojoba or sweet almond oils until it’s smooth.

  2. When using Shea butter does it have to be at a certain consistency and can any thing be added to the Shea butter I buy mines from the body oil salesman the yellow color Shea butter

  3. Great job! You kept it simple and helped them to understand that “chemical free” and “natural” are not dirty!!

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