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  1. Thank you for sharing the info on your project Doh Tarr . Im going to blast this message to my facebook followers to hopefully help you reach your goal πŸ™‚

  2. Good afternoon,

    My name is Doh Tarr. I am a filmmaker from Atlanta, GA. I started locking my hair in February of 2013. I refer to that moment as one of the best life decisions I have made to this date. Since wearing my locs I have seen that there is an ignorance of locs and of the people that choose to wear their hair in this manner. The news and media likes to only show the negative side of it because that is a more popular story. The story of the guy who is a great person and very successful and has locs is not an uncommon story, but it is seldom told. I plan on changing that.

    ROYALS: The Locumentary is the name of the documentary that I am currently working on. It will address: the different reasons why people decide to grow locs, and individuals sharing their experiences during their own loc journey. Also, it will address the stereotypes and stigmas of locs and the people who wear them and what can be done to reverse some of these negative stereotypes. This story will shed light on the individuals who wear locs in the US and the great things that they are trying to accomplish in life because they dawn the hairstyle of kings and queens of the past (ROYALS).

    So far we have raised a total of $11,116 of the $56,000 needed to put this film into production, so I am emailing your business for a donation so you can be apart of the revolutionary film that will help to be the solution to the ignorance instead of adding to the problem. As of right now the plan for this film is that it will be played for theaters in 3 days in Atlanta, 3 days in Washington D.C., and 3 days in New York. After those theatrical releases the film will be on streaming services like Netflix and the Urban Movie Channel. We are also currently working on a deal to get the film on Georgia Public Broadcast television and ROYALS will also make rounds in the film festival circuit being played at different festivals across the nation and even some internationally. This is just the basic plan that I have for distribution of the film with the funds received, but obviously, if the film receives the critic acclaims like it can it will be a much bigger release that will be seen by a lot of people.

    The trailer for ROYALS: The Locumentary is up on Watching that shows some of the interviews that I have already done and gives you a slight idea of how the full-length film will be. Please spread the word and donate if you are able and are interested. Anything helps. Thank you for your time.

  3. hi nyesha
    i am planning on coming to atlanta in aug where are you in alt can you send me a link to ur web site for prices and styles,
    thanks margaret

  4. Hello Evelyn,

    Adding extensions will actually make the balding worse. You should start by not twisting or interlocking your hair for a month or so and see if it thickens up. If that doesn’t work then try Rogaine. When all else doesn’t work, you will need to see a dermatologist because you may need scalp injections to help the hair grow back. One of my client had to do that a while back before I was doing her hair and it worked for her.

  5. My hair is worn in locs.It’s gray and is thinning in the crown to the point of almost balding in some areas.What can I do to make my hair thicker in those areas?Will adding extensions to thicken the locs help?

  6. Nyesha…I really enjoyed viewing your photo album. I am fan of different styles for locs. The amazing thing is, my loctician is creative as well. I am a Brooklyn girl and would never cheat on my loctician. However, if I am ever in the Atlanta area…’ll be hearing from me. LOL πŸ™‚

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