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There are many different reasons to start your natural hair journey. You may be just learning about your African heritage and decide that going natural will be a great way to connect to your roots.  You may be reaching a turning point in your life as a mature adult where you’d like to try something new with your look. You may be a person whose hair has been weakened and damaged from years of putting chemicals in it and going natural would be the only way to save your hair.  There are many different ways to wear your natural hair.  When I decided to start my locs I was 19 years old and I did it for spiritual and cultural reasons.  In 2013 i combed my locs out for physical and spiritual reasons. Most of the time I wear my hair in protective styles such as Braids or 2 Strand Twist. Other times I let my Afro fly free 🙂 Whatever your reasons are for deciding to go natural, the post on this blog will give you the tools you need to have a beautiful & healthy head of natural hair.

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  1. Hey I see so many grammatical errors in my comments above, must be the 12 hour night shift! But hope you get the idea!

  2. Hi I’ve been wearing my locs for almost 3 years and it has grown a nice length. I’m just now learning myself how not to use such heavy products because my hair sometimes will carry and odor even before I decided to loc it. What I’ve learn is this. My hair has never liked heavy products and when you dry your locs , you have to get as much of the water out of your hair as possible before air drying if you are not going to use a sit under hair dryer or hand held dryer. Sometimes I sweat at night or of course during a work out so I’m learning about essential oils as suppose to conditioners. You really have to cleanse your body from with in as well. Thanks for this website looking forward to receiving my free booklet via email.

  3. Hey Nyesha,i am loving this website..first of all and education us on the history of locs,I started wearing locs because,i wanted something new,I”ve tried the wraps,roller sets,the relaxers,the afros,braid extensions,except for Jheri Curls that was back in the day,but ever since i started wearing locs i have been getting more compliments,and i have gained self confidence in myself,you know of course you have some that going to have a negative opinions about them,i turn a deaf ear on negativity,i just need to find products that are strictly all natural,no alcohol no big word that i can’t pronounce or do not know what it means,all i can say is i am checmically free!!!!!! :)P.S. I have one request can you list the very hair care products that are very good for re-twisting the new growth,to keeping it moisturized,and also shampoo and conditioning and nourishing the scalp and hair? God Bless as you continue to spread the good news of Natural Hair Care!!! Ashe 🙂

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