The Best Shampoo For Dry African American Hair

We all know that our skin goes through some trying times in the fall/winter when the weather is colder, but most people don’t know that your hair can also become very dry like your skin.  It’s important to find products that are going to help renew moisture to your hair and keep it healthy. Below is a great article I found on how to do that very thing. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

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The Best Shampoo For Dry Hair
By []Tim Faber

Cold, windy weather can bring on the toughest of hair challenges – dry hair.  With static electricity, increased damage, and wind-blown hairstyle destruction, winter weather can wreak havoc on our hair and leave the best style hard to manage.

Of all the hair problems we are asked about – and the toughest to fix – are those related to dry, fly-away hair.  When cold weather strikes, we are overwhelmed by the number of calls we receive for the best shampoo for dry hair. Low humidity and cooler temperatures bring with them gusty and high wind together with a constant moving from a warm office or home into the elements.

Removing clothing – hats, scarves, sweaters and coats – creates static electricity that leaves hair clinging to the sides of our heads with un-manageable difficulty.  Wind and sun reduce scalp oils that protect and coat the hair shaft and can dry-out hair and reduce moisture, resulting in increased breaking, lack of hold, and loss of control and body.

The best shampoo for dry hair involves taking a closer look at active ingredients as well as paying close attention to your hair care regimen.

Lack of moisture is the biggest problem to state the obvious.  Shampoos that topically infuse moisture stand the best chance of reducing fly-away and building strength.  Moisture and adequate hydration act to “plump” the follicle shaft and facilitate nutrient delivery, improving the root, bulb and cuticle health. Improved health and scalp circulation reduce breaking and split-ends while adding control and fullness.

The best ingredient we have seen is Jojoba Oil.  Jojoba Oil is a naturally derived oil from a shrub indigenous to the western United States. Jojoba Oil mimics sebum, the natural hair oil secreted by sebaceous glands associated with all follicle pores.  Jojoba Oil helps to coat and strengthen the shaft and works to rebuild protein bonds that add strength and helps lock-in moisture.

The best shampoo for dry hair is one that delivers protein protection while infusing moisture.  Hydration is the key to reducing fly-away and increasing control of hard to manage hair. With added moisture you’ll reduce frizziness and split-ends while increasing manageability over your hairstyle !

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