Loc Extensions – A blessing or a curse ?


Years ago I was totally against loc extensions and to an extent I still am depending on why a person wants to get them.  Back in the day, loc extensions used to look horrible.  They were either shiny silky locs or hard looking yarn locs.  Now a days though, the loc extension game has definitely changed. Some look so real that only the trained eye can tell if they’re fake or not.

I still have a problem with them if a person is getting them just for a trendy look, but I happen to think they are a great option for a person who is transitioning from permed hair into locs.  These days I offer loc extensions as part of my natural hair care services.  But many will tell you that I have turned them down if I felt like they were just getting locs put in for the weekend. I don’t play that.  The clients I tend to do the loc extensions for are women (and some men) who are going natural from a perm and already know that locs is what they want.

When I grew my perm out back in 1995, I wore extension braids for about 6 months while I waited for my 2 inch afro to grow out so I could start my locs later.  It was Spring/Summer and the braids made it easier for me to not have to think about what to do with my hair while I transitioned.  Well there are some women in that same position now and it’s easier for them to skip the braid step and go straight into loc extensions.  Because I went through the process I know how it can be so I have no problem doing loc extensions for somone in that case. Trust, I’d prefer if everyone started their locs the traditional way from a 2 inch afro like i did.  I’d prefer if people weren’t afraid of the so called “ugly phase” ( i hate that term ) that happens during the transition the 1st year of growing locs. But the truth is most people are still stuck in “neat” mode with their hair, even when going natural.  So for me if it comes down to a perm or loc extensions, I’m definitely going to tell someone to go for the loc extensions until their own hair can grow out.

See loc extensions for me are supposed to be used as a tool to help the natural transition. A good loctician will tell you to trim a few inches of loc extension off every year as your own hair grows out in locs so that eventually there will be no loc extension left, there will just be your own natural beautiful head of locs in the end.

Some people argue that people who get loc extensions done don’t appreciate their locs the same way that someone who started from scratch does. But trust and believe that I have done enough heads to know that there are actually people out there who appreciate their locs equally no matter how they started them. They’re just happy to be out of chemicals and in love with their natural hair no matter how their journey began.

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Nyesha Samuel, Publisher for healthylocsblog.com & Master Loctician

7 thoughts on “Loc Extensions – A blessing or a curse ?

  1. Getting extensions is a great protective style. If you don’t want locs I would suggest you get either braid extensions or two strand twist extensions done instead.

  2. I am transitioning to natural from permed hair but I don’t want locs but I do want the extensions because I hear it is a great protective hairstyle for transitioning. What do you think?

  3. Thank you so much for this article. I am definitely at that time in my life where I want to stop the relaxers and go natural. It’s always fit my personality but always thought straight is better. I am very much interested in loc extensions for my transition. I just hope I can find someone in Indianapolis that I can grow and learn from during my transition. Peace and love

  4. Oil your Scalp every 3-4 days, pick any lint out with tweezers, cover your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet, Use only natural products on your hair as it grown out. Lastly, trim your extensions a few inches every 6 months until eventually there is only your hair left. The products from http://www.nyrajuskincare.com/hair.html will be perfect for your hair.

  5. I currently have yarn locs that i got a couple days ago, what are the best ways to maintain them as i transition to locs

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