Finding Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair/Black Hair


There seems to be no shortage of synthetically produced conditioners,  shampoos and styling products for women, men or children.  Many items however, are not designed to address the specific hair care needs of African Americans. Due to lack of information  and awareness natural hair care options may not even be considered. Because of this, many people tend to settle for what is familiar or readily available, regardless of whether it is going to protect, enhance or nourish their hair. Natural hair care products for African American hair are worth looking into because they will likely bring out what you love most about your hair.

Thankfully there are some manufacturers that know how important it is to cater to this under served market.  They make natural hair care products for Black hair with ingredients such as peppermint, lavender, and essential oils. Men and Women will benefit from the way peppermint controls scalp itch and dryness as well as the cleansing properties of lavender. The restorative properties of avocado oil would make natural products containing it a great choice also. Other beneficial ingredients found in natural hair care products for Black Hair are:


Shea Butter


Grape seed extract

Rose hips

Aloe Vera

Cocoa butter


Many organic products that do a safe and effective job of helping hair often contain myrtle, valerian nettle and sage.  Products containing aloe vera, coconut oil, and white tea extracts are known for detangling curly and tight hair as well as adding moisture.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

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