Hair Care 101 Articles

Click on a title below to see the answers to some of the most popular question i get asked as a hair stylist.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

African American Hair Care – Natural Hair? Natural Dye!

Black Hair Styles (photos)

Black Hair Care – How do I start my Locs/Locks ?

Black Hair Products That Work

Finding Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair/Black Hair

Hair Loss Treatments for Black Men that Work

Hot Oil Therapies For Black Hair

Loc Extensions – A blessing or a curse ?

The Best Shampoo For Dry African American Hair

What’s in your hair care products?

7 thoughts on “Hair Care 101 Articles

  1. You may want to do a trim of about 2-3 inches on your locs. That will take some of the weight off that could be causing the thinning. If you don’t see improvement after that then your thinning, could be stress, diet, or genetics related. Please keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Hello Shanieka, congratulations on your baby and natural hair ! Your once a week conditioning will definitely help keep your hair from having further damage. I would not however do any more hair coloring while pregnant. Chemicals are not good for the baby. You should notice a growth spurt in your hair while pregnant due to the hormones, but you may also experience some shedding post pregnancy. The shedding is normal, so don’t panic when it happens, it will subside after a while 🙂

  3. My Hair is natural and I just dyed it a spicy red color. My hair became extremely dry so I began using the shea moistures product line and along with a treatment conditioner once a week . Is there any thing else that I can do to maintain moisture for my growth process. Oh I’m also pregnant does that affect my hair growth as well if so what can I do to save my hair from being damaged.

  4. Me and my husband has had our dreads for a little over a yr and we both started out with twist or palm roll my question my husband has a very nice grade of hair and his twist don’t last long it comes unrolled and looks like he need it retwisted all over again would it be safe to interlock his hair instead of the twist

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