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Natural Hair Care Products

You should treat your natural hair with natural hair care products that will bring out your best look. Natural shampoos and conditioners will help your hair to achieve its most luxurious look.

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Natural / Organic Shampoos


If you are looking for products to safely and effectively clean your African American hair, you’ll want to select an all natural shampoo. Organics are an excellent way through which you can give your scalp and hair a natural cleaning. Natural products are abundant on the market, but be sure to read the label ingredients and make sure the product you buy is free of chemical additives.

Beauty product manufacturers can’t just attach an “organic” label on their shampoo. The product has to be at least seventy percent organic in order to truly be an organic choice. Some organic shampoos may be difficult to lather, because the ingredient that helps build a lather is not a natural one. This ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate, may dry out your scalp and your hair, and is the reason why your eyes burn if you get shampoo in them while you’re washing your hair. It’s not that hard to get used to less lather if it means healthier hair.

Natural shampoos for African American hair will add nutrients to your hair in ways that are gentle for your scalp and hair. Jojoba oils and coconut oils can be helpful ingredients in an herbal shampoo. Organics and herbals treat your hair to great cleansing with no harmful effects.


Herbal Conditioners

Hair conditioning with natural hair care products for African American hair is important for your overall look, and for the health of your hair and scalp. Natural ingredients can give you excellent results, and you can make your own products at home that can be beneficial as well.

Knowing or learning how to best care for your hair will probably involve using natural hair care products, because they are safer for your hair and gentler on your scalp. If you choose to add color to your hair, use an herbal or natural hair color product, since these aren’t harmful. Select a hair style or cut that flatters the lines of your face. Ask a stylist to help you define the type of cut would be most flattering for you. Seek out knowledgeable friends and stylists to help you select natural hair care products that will show off your hair to its best advantage.

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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Master Loctician and Publisher for

Transtioning to Natural – Debora “Debz”

HI!! My name is Debora but everybody calls me “Debz”. I am transitioning back to natural hair (this is my second time,I was natural for 4 years). I’ve recently cut the majority of my permed ends so my transitioning journey is almost done *dancing*. I’ve created a blog to share my journey and also provide tips.

Picture 1 is my new cut and current look, picture 2 is from nov 2010 and is one of my go-to transitioning styles (bantu knot out), picture 3 is me with a half wig which i use as a protective style during my transition.

  • How long do you plan to transition? I’ve been transitioning for a year now, I just chopped off the majority of my permed ends and I plan on chopping the rest for new year’s to reveal a new TRUE natural me.
  • What styles are helping you through transitioning? WIGS!! I wear half wigs and mostly do Bantu Knot Outs when I wear my hair. I straighten all of my hair like once a month to do length checks.
  • Do you have support in your life concerning your going natural? If not, how are you handling any criticism? This is my SECOND time going natural,the first time I never wore my natural texture but it did inspire a few of my friends(including my mom) to go natural as well. I really don’t have much negativity around me and if I do I just take it in stride and keep on with my journey.
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