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4 Reasons Tamera Mowry Chose Braids

Tamera looks beautiful in her pregnant glow and her beautiful protective style of Braids! Whether you’re pregnant or not Braids are a great protective style for your natural hair.  Always make sure when you get them done that they are not too tight so that you don’t end up with tension alopecia on your scalp. Read Tamera’s story and let me know what you think 🙂

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Like many women, I knew during my pregnancy that I was going to need a low maintenance hairstyle when it was time to welcome my baby. Going natural and giving your hair the love and attention it needs is a long journey, and I didn’t want it to suffer any neglect while I was busy with new mommy responsibilities! So with the support and help of the talented Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution, I was able to protect my natural hair and sport a new style for summer.
1. Its a protective style. Obviously the big draw to braids is that it’s a protective style. What makes me flock to a protective style right now is the fact that during pregnancy and afterward you can lose hair. Braided hair helps keep that from happening as well as helping to prevent breakage, which I’ll talk about next.
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Lupita Nyong’o: Saving Elephants and Winning Oscars

This is a snippet from an interview that Lupita Nyong’o did with BBC news.  It’s great to hear her speak of her humanitarian work saving the elephants in Kenya. I also love  the second half of the interview where she speaks briefly about her decision to go natural with her hair 🙂

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Lil Wayne did not cut his locs

I was bombarded with messages about Lil Wayne cutting his locs and finally looked at this photo below.  I was crying laughing once i saw what the big hoopla was about because he does have an afro worth of new growth which to the untrained eye would make it look like he cut his locs off.  If  I had his info I would def be getting my number to him for a loc appointment.  He clearly needs some Healthy Locs TLC on that scalp LOL 🙂  Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

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Long Shen Dao :Chinese Reggae Band

This is the best thing I’ve seen thus far this week! These fellas are called Long Shen Dao. They’re a Chinese Reggae Band and they are jammin ! Plus do y’all see how healthy their locs are and how gorgeous some of the members of the group are ?! Lawd have mercy 🙂 Looks like travel plans to China need to be in my future 😉 lol
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Locs / Dreadlocks are a hit at the NFL draft !

I have to admit that I am not a “footballnista”, but I will say that I am loving all the handsome men with locs that have been popping up in the NFL over the last few years.  And the draft picks this year  have kept that trend going ! It’s not just in the NFL though.  If you watch the college games of certain teams you’ll see a  lot of Locs flowing from under helmets as well 🙂  Keep up the great hair work fellas and be careful out there.

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Wendy Willams disses Viola Davis for going natural on the red carpet.

I was irritated along with everyone else when I heard Wendy put Viola down for wearing her natural hair to The Oscars.  But then I had to remind myself that this is a woman who has her own show yet doesn’t have enough self esteem or self respect to wear her hair natural on her own program.  So of course she doesn’t get how beautiful natural hair is.  This is a woman who brags about the two tons of wig that she puts on everyday as if it’s something to be proud of.  The idea that natural hair is not “professional” or “red carpet worthy” is moronic.  Viola was a Natural Goddess on the red carpet last Sunday and should be respected for the bold step forward that she took.

Wendy doesn’t have guts enough to get rid of the wigs and embrace her own natural hair so really her opinion on it doesn’t matter.  I’m well aware that she has a thyroid issue and has thin hair, but that should give her even more motivation to get rid of the relaxer and wigs and give what hair she has a chance to be healthy.  Even Oprah embraced her natural hair for a whole season on her show before she refried it with relaxer in her last season on air.  Granted, she had it flat ironed or blow dried out, but she still went natural.  So since you want to be Oprah so bad Wendy, you should follow her lead and go natural for a season before you talk smack about other folks hair.

Stick to your usual non factual celeb gossip Wendy and leave the natural hair comments alone until you have enough sense to wear your own hair natural.

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Viola Davis rocks her natural hair !

Viola Davis looks amazing tonight at the Oscar Awards 2012 ! She shocked everyone when she stepped out looking royal with her emerald green gown and fire orange afro.  Viola you always look beautiful in your different wigs, but tonight you were stunning ! Keep rocking your natural hair sis 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Dear Whitney (My love for Whitney Houston)

I couldn’t do another hair story without taking time out to pay homage to one of my favorite singers, Whitney Houston.  I have been crying on and off for the last few days, still in disbelief that Whitney is gone so soon.  Back in the day I was a huge fan a Bobby Brown and Whitney and was so excited when they got married because I was like “something great has to come out of this union”.  Regardless of how it turned out, I still include Bobby as part of her family, so I hope that he is included in the celebration of her life. The great that came out of their union is Bobbi Kristina. I’ve been mostly feeling worry for their daughter Bobbi Kristina and praying for her whole family to come together and not let the press separate them in their time of grief.   I also feel that it is important for people to stop blaming Bobby for Whitney’s demise.  They both had their demons long before they knew each other.  Bobbi Kristina needs to hear positive things about both of her parents right now.

Just like many other little girls/young women growing up, I couldn’t wait for a new Whitney Houston song to come out just so i could try to sing it and see if by some miracle I could hit the same notes as her lol.  To this day when I am alone in my car going from hair client to hair client, I still belt out Whitney songs to myself and have my own concert 🙂  I will miss her terribly even though i never met her.  Her energy and voice will forever be lifted up by me and hopefully by you all too.  Though she had her trials and tribulations, Whitney still had the voice of an angel.  My prayers are with all of Whitney’s family and friends. Below is one of my favorite Whitney songs that I sing all the time.  Please play the video and help me remember our angel on earth who has now been lifted up to be a goddess.

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Model Chrishell Stubbs loves natural hair care

Top model Chrishell Stubbs is a big fan of natural hair care, according to the Vibe Vixen website.

She’s modelled for some huge names including Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenburg and Vivienne Westwood.

Her styles have changed but she has never relaxed or coloured her hair. “I live for Moroccan oil products and raw coconut oil,” she says.

When she’s not strutting her stuff on the runway, she prefers a simple wash and go, and at the moment her favourite hair style is fish tail braids.

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