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Miss Rizos Salon helps Dominican Women embrace their natural hair!!

I was scrolling social media the other day when I ran across a post on the fantastic salon Miss Rizos (Miss Curls) located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Its was started by Carolina Contreras.  She herself went through a transition from relaxed to natural and wanted to help others embrace their natural hair as well.  It is well documented that many Dominicans (not all) have a hard time embracing their African roots and do whatever they can to not be identified as of African decent.  So this ends up heavily effecting those who have darker skin and/or kinkier hair.  They are ridiculed often and their hair is called Pelo Malo (bad hair).  Carolina experienced this discrimination her self and tells the tale in the video below.

I always said that i did not want to visit DR nor contribute to their tourism industry due to the self hate issues that have plagued the community there and also due to the mistreatment of Haitians by Dominicans on the island that both countries share.  This video gave me hope and should I ever change my mind and visit DR I will definitely be visiting Miss Rizos so that i get my curls pampered and hopefully meet Carolina to tell her how proud i am of her for being a conduit for change! If you are planing a trip to DR please go support her salon 🙂 I hope that more and more Dominican women will embrace their africanity and begin their journeys to embracing their natural hair! Check out the video below and leave a comment to let me know what you think 🙂

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To Pick or Not To Pick?

This is a great write up by one of our guest Bloggers, Kevin.  In it he explores his decision to possibly get rid of his locs.  I went through this journey myself.  Unlike Kevin I didn’t think it through for too long.  I just started picking out lint and accidentally picked a whole loc out lol From there it was on! I kept going and love my now loose natural hair.  But i will say I miss my locs everyday and will eventually be locing again.  One thing to always keep in mind is what will you do with your hair after you take the locs out or off.  Its work people!  Locs are definitely easier lol Leave a comment below and let Kevin and I know what you think about picking out locs verses just cutting them off 🙂

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To Pick or Not To Pick? – By Guest Blogger Kevin Tarver

There’s comes a time in your natural hair journey where you reach a crossroads. You reach a peak of what I like to call “tress distress” because you no longer know what to do with your healthy natural hair. You’ve twisted it out, you’ve done every up-do known to mankind, you’ve accessorized your hair to to no end, and you’ve tried every color dye that you could think of to liven up your kinky natural hair. And so you may ask, “What’s wrong with that?” And I say, “Absolutely nothing!”

Our natural hair is uniquely versatile, taking on many styles that suit our fancy. Alas, I’m at a place where I’m thinking of doing something different with my locs since I’ve had them for such a long time, 8 years to be exact. Admittedly, I’m a low maintenance loc wearing dude, so, you may not catch me with fantastic loc accessories or luxurious natural hair dyes all up in my head, although I’ve heavily considered those options. Nope, I just stick to keeping it either in a bun or ponytail. Daring, ain’t it?

But I dare consider doing something completely different to my healthy locs. I’m contemplating picking my locs out! Yes, I’m thinking about changing my whole natural hair game up by taking a good quality rat tail comb, or some variant device, and picking my locs out. You see, I could just snip each individual loc, then let my barber do the rest, but I feel that since I took the time to grow out my locs, I might as well take the time out and unravel them myself.

Sure, you can speed of the process by having a few good friends help you out, along with some good snacks, good music, and some good laughs, but I feel it would be somewhat spiritual just to have that alone time with yourself and your healthy hair. From what I know, it will take some days, maybe over a week to complete, so if you’re always out and about, you may need a backup plan, but I mostly work from home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still contemplating the decision, but I do know if I were to ever let my locs go, I still want a full head of my African American hair dancing atop my head. Besides, loc picking isn’t the only way for me to let my locs go while maintaining length or fullness of my natural unloc’d hair.

I had a good friend who decided to let her locs go, but kept a good amount of her unloc’d natural hair. She allowed her new growth to flourish, never getting her new growth twisted or interlocked into her locs. Imagine the surprise of classmates when she left class with auburn locs swinging pat her shoulders only to come to class the next day with her natural hair “stretched,” possibly pressed, almost shoulder length hair. I tell you, the versatility of our hair is something major.

So, I have a few things to think about as my healthy locs are pulled back in a wild bun. I mean, I still have so many options to explore, like dying my locs, or rocking a funky afro-punk loc style. However, I want to make a change, and a simple loc trim won’t do. Whatever I decide, I’ll be sure to let you know!

So, talk to me, should I pick my locs or try other styles? What would you do?

Love for Nyraju !

Big thank you to one of my clients Belinda for this glowing review of our Nyraju hair care products !  If you have used our  products (hair care, skin care or body care) and would like to share your story, please email me at and include a photo 🙂

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“Ok, this one is the best yet!  Herbal hair shampoo and conditioner, then tropical hair butter made these beautiful twists on my little almost 2 year old princess!  Did i mention that i soak the hair ties in a little hair oil before i use them to prevent breakage?  Just don’t stop making your products! :-)” – Belinda Gaston

Loc Interview with Andrea

This is a great interview that one of my hair clients just participated in!  Thank you for the shout our in the article Andrea 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know what you think.











In a nutshell tell us your natural hair story

I’ve been natural for ten years. I’ve worn locs for approximately 8 of those years. A decade is a long time I guess and so much has happened in my life that I haven’t really considered this a journey or a story for quite some time. I can tell you that it was my ex-husband that encouraged me to go natural. Not only encouraged he kind of challenged me.

I grew up being a skinny dark-skinned girl with a “decent grade of hair.” I remember begging my mom for a perm when I was about nine-years-old. I did not have hair issues per say until college. A stylist switched perms on me and I lost a lot of hair. I just chalked it up to life. To me a scalp burn, a burned hair patch or a little thinning was just something that black women dealt with. I mean I didn’t know anything different.

When I got pregnant with my second daughter her father began to encourage me to consider my concepts of beauty for her sake. He just started asking these irritating questions like, “Well if part of what makes you beautiful is your long, permed hair is she less beautiful because she won’t have long permed hair?” He really irritated me with his questions! LOL

Click HERE to read the full interview

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

Healthy Locs 101 Class (Part 4)

In Part 4 of my latest video I’m giving the basics on locs and natural hair care to a class of future barbers/hairstylist in Atlanta,GA. Interlocking, Sister Locks, Loc Extensions, Loc comb out, etc are discussed. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy !

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

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Click below to watch video;


A Natural Story – Belinda

Hi Nyesha,

I hope all is well.  I wanted to drop a quick line to share something with you.  I’m not sure if you know this but because of my travel schedule I have had to maintain my loc extensions myself (thank you for the videos!)  Well I have been using the Nyraju peppermint tea tree shampoo and conditioner, herbal hair oil, and tropical hair butter.  I love all of the products and even the candles I got as a free gift with my orders. Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous!  (I’m ordering the fragrance oil and body butter next).

That’s not all.  I used the above mentioned products on my daughter’s hair for the first time on yesterday.  My daughter is natural and we don’t use any heat.  I usually use another (much more expensive) brand on her hair but ran out.  So here is what I did:  shampoo, condition, detangle (she didn’t even flinch the conditioner made her hair easy to comb), put into large twists and let air dry.  Next day moisturized with oil and twisted with hair butter.  Her hair looks (and smells) great!

I wanted you to know that I LOVE the products and the customer service and you have a customer as long as your doors are open!  Please share this email with the Nyraju family!  Thank you!!!!!!

P.S.  One day I will actually have the pleasure of YOU performing my loc extension maintenance!


Divyn Thought joins the Loc Family !

So excited to report we have a new member of the loc family 🙂 I 1st connected with Divyn about a year ago via twitter when she was asking about the process of locking her hair and what it would take.  After much prayer and research she has finally started her loc journey ! Below are some photos I took during the process.  You can hear about her experience by clicking the following link;

Leave a comment and let us know what you think 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

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A Natural Story – Trista Laborn

My Name is Trista Laborn and Ive been natural for about 2yrs. I have beautiful locs that I love! I decided to go natural and grow locs when a friend of mine from church had locs and she would do pretty loc hair styles in her hair and thought I could do styles like that to my hair and look fierece! So I did the research and asked different women that had locs, some were like: “Well, you should talk with your husband abou that.” , “you know that so and so had their locs in for 8yrs” “Are you sure this is something you want to do?” and things like that, that really pushed me to WANT to do it, because not alot of people know how locs will look on you but you and maybe someone that REALLY knows you. My husband wanted me to leave it and not cut it. But I was the one that saw the vision! So I began the process of getting locs, I cut it and started coils in my hair.
In the beginning it wasn’t bad at all but the middle stages of my hair actually locing took about 1-1/2yrs. It was hard to continue! Their were days where I wanted to quit. On top of that there was a time where I got my hair freshly done and I was playing in my hair and I was “trimming” my hair. when after I was done, I actually cut some of the buds that were growing, that was another stage in it self. I began to wear a scaf in my hair all the time, I didn;t want to, but because i cut my hair uneven, I felt I had to, but I pushed through believing that it will all work out! Eventually I worked at it and now I can where my hair down with confidence! Through this journey I came up with this saying:
“Staying true to being yourself, inspiring and encouraging others to want to look their greatest in being their natural best!! I do that everyday by being natural, keeping my head held high when others are permed and weaved out, I stand out with my unique natural best!!!” 😀
And they, (Trista and her locs) Lived Happily Ever After and After and After….

P.S. I will be sending more pictures of my Big Chop and transitions!

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