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Have a hair question? Email me at ! I will do my best to answer it.  If I don’t know, I will open up to my readers and/or do some research to find the answer. Be sure to search my blog before sending in questions to make sure it has not been answered already. It helps also to send a little background on your hair history and routine with your questions.

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  1. Hello Kendall,

    So glad you are enjoying the information on the site 🙂

    1) You can get locks started with Palm Rolling, Braids, 2 Strand Twist, Interlocking or Loc Extensions. Because your hair is already quite long, I would recommend you start them with 2 Strand Twist. After about a year they will look like regular locs and not just twist anymore.

    2) The difficulty or ease of caring for locs really varies from person to person. If you are someone who’s used to doing their own hair then locs are not that hard to keep up. But if you are nervous about doing your own locs then a professional who cares about the healthy of your hair and not just making money would be a good way to go. Most of my clients get their hair done once a month, but I do have some who prefer to get it done every 2-3 weeks. The frequency depends on your budget and how much you want to spend to maintain your hair. As long as you are getting it done at least once a month you’ll be fine 🙂

    3) As far as products go you should always use something natural on your hair. If you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients on the bottle then don’t use it because that’s a sign that it’s full of chemicals that aren’t good for you. I use the hair care line from on my clients and they love it !

    4) If you decide that you don’t want your locs anymore I would recommend cutting them off and starting over with a TWA (teeny weeny afro 🙂 ). Some stylist will tell you that you can comb out locs, which is technically true. But in that process you normally lose so much hair that you might as well have cut them off to begin with.

    I hope that answered all of your questions 🙂 Feel free to ask more if need be.

  2. Hello Andrea,

    You are correct about the gel. It is drying on the scalp. It’s better to use a butter such as Shea, Mango Cocoa, etc. The key is to not use too much so it won’t be heavy. As for holding your locs, no product does that. Technique does. For soft hair types I recommend using the Interlocking method to tighten your roots. But make sure you use your fingers and not the latch hook tool that most stylist use. The latch hook tool causes damage in the long run. Doing it with your finger is much healthier for your hair. In this video, , you’ll see how i do interlocking on my own hair and how your stylist should do it if you have someone else doing your hair.

  3. Hello, I ran across you blog as you are featured on the Naturally Beautiful hair blog today, My question is I have had my locs since 2009, and my hair is rather soft, so I can use nothing too heavy and too light it won’t hold so the locs won’t hold when I do them, I am seeking a product other than wax “don’t use” I use a gel which I think dries them out, and oil it suck it up quickly, what is the best products for my type of hair.

  4. Nyesha! Hey pretty lady! I stumbled upon your site while researching for blogs pertaining to locs. First thing’s first! I am a loc VIRGIN! Right now I have natural, curly, armpit length hair (when stretched). I do want to loc my hair towards the fall of this year. At this point in my life it is just time for me to get my “grown woman” on, I am so, so tired of purchasing lacefront wigs and pounds o pounds of weave hair! Sort of a spiritual freedom/awakening for me. Anywho (before I start rambling) here are my questions: (1) When starting locs, what is the best professional method to get them started? I’ve seen palm roll being done before. (2) how easy/hard is it to care for locs? Maintenance frequency? Washing? Conditioning? Styling? etc. (3) Once I get my locs done, what types of natural products would/wouldn’t you recommend? I always use EVOO, Aloe Vera, Coconut, and Grapeseed oils now on my natural hair. (4) If I ever decide that I do not want locs anymore and want to revert back to my natural hair out, do I have to get my locs cut off and start all over again with a TWA (teeny weeny afro)? Please say no *my hands are folded and my head is bowed* lol. I think that is it for now. Thank you Nyesha for your time and talented advice.

  5. Hello Nivea. Everything you are doing is perfect for your locs except one thing. That brush has to go ! Locs don’t need a brush or comb. That brushing is the culprit on those edges. You should notice a difference after a while once you stop the brushing 🙂

  6. Hello, I have had my locs for about a two years now. I was going to a loctician then she got sick and could not do my hair. She started me out with a palm roll and went to latching. That was fine. I had to start doing my own because i wanted them to be interlocked. I bought the tool. The first time i did them, they were tight so I thought I had done it right. Well i soon learned about the holes in your locks! I did not get discouraged, I let them grow out before i did it again. This time i had learned on you tube about the 4 point technique. It worked fine. I learned what i could handle so i don’t tighten them, my scalp got fed up with that after a few times. I do enough to where it looks neat. My hair has always been weak on the left and right edges of my hair even when I had a perm. I use natural products, Dr. Bronner’s tea tree soap and some oils from happy 2b nappy. They consist of jaboa oil, nettle, tea tree oil, olive oil, and a FEW other oils. I like them very much and they work for me. I have no issues with build up. My problem is that I work with blood everyday and have to wear a face shield, since I have been working there I noticed my edges where i put the visor are getting thin at the root. I latch my hair maybe once a month or every two months, its not often. I have been doing my own hair for about a year. My hair is very healthy and growing, I eat well, and spoil my hair by keeping it clean and brushing with a soft brush every once or twice a month. What should I do about these edges near my temple. Oh and they are not heavy either.

  7. Congratulations on your new natural journey ! In order to start with loc extensions you should have at least 2 inches of hair. They are a great way to start locs if you don’t want to just use your own hair. Make sure that you trim about 2 inches of extension every few months while your own hair grows out. That way the extensions won’t weigh too heavy on your own hair 🙂

  8. Hey there Health Locs! I shaved all my hair off, yes, shaved! I will like to know your recommendations to grow my natural hair healthy to start the locing process. I am actually thinking to adding loc extensions, however, how long should my hair be in order to actually have loc extensions?

  9. Thinning at the ends is normal for some locs. It’s due to wear and tear. Usually related to how a person sleeps or sits back on their hair depending on how long it is. As long as your hair is full and healthy from the roots, you have no need to worry 🙂 You also don’t have to save the ends by knotting them. If you notice a thinning end simply trim it off at the weak point. It will be healthier for your hair in the long run 🙂

  10. Hello, I have had locs for 4 years now and I am semi-free forming. My hair is pretty thick nd my roots are doing well. My question is that I’ve noticed thinning at the ends of my locs. I’ve even seen hair just hanging by a strand of hir with a locked end. To try to save the ends tied a knot where the breakage has occured but I’m sure that won’t hel long term. Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

  11. you may want to try using the color you want your hair to be on your roots and then using a shade lighter on the rest of your hair that way they should meet in the middle so all of your hair will be the color you actually want it to be. I’ve done this in the past and it worked great ! 🙂

  12. Is there anything I can do to change the color of my sisterlocks? Last september I applied a black permanent color to my hair. About a month ago I tried to lighten it to a brownish/red color. My roots changed to the ideal color but my locks only lightened slightly. I went to a hair colorist and she said if she put color on it, my locs would become damaged. (she tested one of the locs) Is there anything I can do outside of rinses on the roots to lighten my entire head?
    Thank you!

  13. Yes, your hair will be fine 🙂 Unfortunately every loctician isn’t good at interlocking. Make sure if/when you have it done that they don’t use the latch hook tool. That tool is what causes the damage. I do my interlocking by finger as to not do it too tightly and not cause damage. If you live in Atlanta I can help you with your hair. Send an email to if this is possible. Peace 🙂

  14. Hi i have been growing my locks for about three years and i have pretty thick hair and my beautician tried interlocking my hair and it left some small splits in the roots of my okhair but i had another beautician fix the holes now my hair feels real tight if i don’t have the interlocking done anymore will my hair be ok

  15. If your collar is getting dirty then you definitely need to switch to washing your hair every 2 weeks instead of once a month. Also switch the product you’re using and see if that makes a difference. Whatever you use should be petroleum and beeswax free because those 2 ingredients don’t wash out well and attract dust and dirt to the hair.

  16. Hey, I’m trying to figure out how to keep my hair from making my collar so darned dirty. I’ve been growing my locs for 3 years now and I’m still washing them every four weeks. My wife doesn’t believe that I should have to wash them any more often than that but when I wear light colored shirts, the collars always end up dirty looking by the end of the day. Am I not washing thoroughly enough, does it depend on the product you use, or do others have this problem because it doesn’t seem like others that I see with locs have this happen. Thanks!


  17. Hello Cherry,

    Congratulations on starting your locs ! To be honest with you I’m not a fan of the comb coils method for starting locs. Mainly because they use gel to do that method and gel makes your scalp itchy and flaky like you mentioned. I would suggest you get your hair palm rolled or interlocked (without the latch hook tool) to start your locs and make sure the stylist uses a shea butter type of product to do the maintenance with.

    Messing up your hair and retwisting it is just par for the course so you have to make peace with it and know that it’s part of the routine.

    I hope i was helpful

    Peace, Nyesha (Healthy Locs)

  18. Hi healthy locs I have a question, I had some kinky twist in but I finally took them out and decided to start my locs with comb coils I have a problem though my scalp tends to get flakey and itchy since I’m in my baby locs stage what do you think I should use on my scalp without messing up my coils 🙂

  19. This is a great question Trini ! Genetics and Maintenance Technique are both the culprit depending on the person. This is really an individual, case by case issue. If your family doesn’t have a history of balding and you’re noticing thinning around your edges then you may want to have your stylist trim the front half of your locs to help take some of the weight off. Also your stylist may be twisting or interlocking your hair too tightly which would also cause thinning. If your family has a history of balding, then nothing you do is going to fix the issue and you may have to let your locs go and wear a small afro or go bald all together.

    Personally I trim and layer the front half of my locs to avoid ever having a weight or thinning issue ( my forehead is big enough without help lol 🙂 ). I also trim the back half of my locs to about waist length because anything longer than that is over kill for me. I don’t like sitting on my hair 🙂

    I hope this answered your question.

    Nyesha (Healthy Locs)

  20. Jus a quick question. I’ve had my locs for jus over a year and a quarter. They are doin fine, no complaints from me at all and only endless complements from others. However, ppl say that locs tent to get heavier as they get longer and that this could eventually lead to a receding hair line and the like. Now personally, I have seen ppl with long dreads with a perfectly normal hairline and others still with half of their heads bald with the dreads growing from the back half. I just wanted to get your thought on this. Do long dreads get heavy so much so to cause the hairline to recede? Also, what part does genetics and maintenance technique play in the prevention or cause of this circumstance?

    Peace and love

    Ras X

  21. I would definitely take them out and start over if you are not happy with the sizing. You should try the interlocking method for your hair, it tends to hold better than just palm rolling or twisting. Just make sure whoever does your hair for you, does not use the latch hook tool to do the work. That tool causes damage, especially in the hands of the wrong stylist. Make sure they know how to inter lock by hand. It’s much healthier for your locs. You can see me doing this to may own hair if you visit the following link and watch the video.

    video link

  22. Hi i tried to loc my hair last year september using 2 strand and the comb coil but they keep rolling out so my hair stylist told me to try kinky twist (synthetic hair) and as my roots grew out i should twist it, they look good but some are big and some are small what do you think i should do do i take them out and redo them please help

  23. Hello Diane,

    I would suggest you go on when you get a chance and do a search for “styling sister locks” or “styling Locks”. There are a lot of great videos on there with styling ideas that are even easier to follow than a photo in a book 🙂

  24. I have sisterlocks that are in the teenage stage. It’s been over a year and half My hair is finally long enough to put in an up-do for loc styles, but I don’t know how to. I looking for any books or step-by-step instructions for showing how to do different styles for short to medium length locs for the office.

  25. Hi Christ,

    As far as I know if your hair loss is genetic there are no natural remedies to cure it. Your best bet would be to try a hair loss treatment center because you made need a serious procedure to help with that issue since it runs in your family.

  26. I have been growing my locs for about 3 years now and I love them, however, I seem to be experiencing some hair loss now in my scalp as well as my hair line… is there ANYTHING I can do to naturally cure or at least slow down the effects of hair loss? I’m a man who’s the youngest of 4 boys. All of the others were completely bald by age 25 due to my mother’s side (all of the men are bald or very close). Here I am at 34 and it’s just now hitting me. My father still has his hair and, as what happens with age, he’s only now beginning to thin at age 66. I have read that cayenne pepper mixed with vodka can help to stimulate growth as well as applying carrot juice to the roots. What do you know/think of that?

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