Black Hair Care: The Korean Monopoly the Industry

This is a fantastic documentary about the beauty supply industry and the attempted shut out of Black owners by Korean owners.  I live in the Atlanta,GA and I make sure that whenever i’m in Marietta to work with a hair client I go to Atlanta Beauty Depot.  Its a black owned beauty supply store on Cobb Pkwy.  If you know of any black owned beauty supply stores in your area, no matter where you are, that you would like us to support here at please leave the name and contact info of the store in the comment area below.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

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2 thoughts on “Black Hair Care: The Korean Monopoly the Industry

  1. Lamoors beauty supply. In Oklahoma City mr. AL Lamoors is the owner, only black supply store for license hairstylist. For over 30 years..

  2. i have said this same thing for a long time i live in Austin Texas and only know of one hair product store not ran by Koreans, but 99% are ran by Koreans,why do we do this to our self’s, if we cut back on buying from them and open our own stores, i went to locs so that i dont spend my money in theses stores, i buy from blk owned business even if i have to go on line and wait for days, yes spend blk $ with blk people

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