My Loc Extension Journey

We all know how fun, or not so fun, it can be transitioning our loose natural tresses to a fully loc’d form. It takes a lot of hard work, and most importantly, it takes patience. However, with everything in life, we tend to want things instantly with little to no hassle whatsoever. Basically, if we can’t get it over night, there’s no point in putting forth the effort, but if things were that easy, would we enjoy what we gain even more than if  were to work hard for it?

Loc Extensions

Having locs is like having a personal garden on your head. You reap what you sow, and based on how well you take care of your coiffure terrace, the better we understand and appreciate our hair. And with any stage of growth we have our favorite lengths. For me, I enjoyed my neck-length period the most. With that said, we also have our not so favorite lengths as well, which many usually agree it is the baby loc stage that is most disliked. As a male, the baby loc stage didn’t bother me as much, but to many loc’d women whom I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, that stage is the most dreaded. . .pun intended? Perhaps.

Admittedly almost 8 years with locs, I too found myself not happy with some of my new growth that refused to blend in with my veteran locs. Whether palm rolled or interlocked, each of my new growth was rebellious and would rather be counted as an individual loc instead of part of the already loc’d crowd. I’m glad my hair wanted to do its own thing, but I’m the one flipping the bill to keep it maintained, so it needed to get in where it fitted in! Alas, I wanted my head to be happy, so instead of dueling both baby and grown-up locs, I found a happy medium that we all could agree on, Loc Extensions!

Keep in mind, I’m a dude who is very secure in my sexuality to the point that I am rolling my own eyes at writing this sentence! I don’t think of loc extensions as a trendy weave. Even Nyesha had her qualms about loc extensions; however, loc extensions can help bridge the gap between those who are a little anxious about rocking locs without having to go through the baby stages, and those who have a few sprouts they want uniformed to their lengthy neighbors, both rocking what appears to be healthy kinky locs confidently. Real talk, people wouldn’t know that I have approximately 13 loc extensions on my head right now just because a few baby locs wanted to stand out from their more mature brethren, and I’ve had them in for a little over a year and a half, and again, no one knows a thing unless I’ve told them!

Think about it. I have long locs, but I still had loc extensions placed in to keep all my locs uniformed. If you’re starting to transition into locs, but you really don’t want to worry about upkeep on mini locs, or you simply just don’t have the time, loc extensions are a good way to go in saving you in time, saving you in money (because starting locs can be expensive), and most importantly saving you in patience! You get to see how you look fully loc’d and loaded with kinky strands of greatness at the length of your choice, although I’d recommend a sensible short length for first time transitioners so that your hair and the extensions meld together to aid in the locking process. That way, as your natural locs and grow, a little bit of the extension can be snipped away until you forget you even had loc extensions in the first place.

Just know that whatever stage your natural hair is going through in your loc journey, it’s a wonderful process. Impatience is expected because you can’t contain your excitement in seeing the final result. The cool thing about our hair is that there is no “final” result because our hair is ever changing in some way. Loc extensions only enhance what you already have going on. As long as you tend to your kinky garden, you’ll be proud of your harvest, baby or matured, extensions or none.

– Kevin L. Tarver

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

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1 thought on “My Loc Extension Journey

  1. I am strongly considering loc extensions. I did start locing my hair about 18 months ago, but the radically different texture from front to back (the front was so loose my loctician thought I permed it again, the back loced beautifully) that I got frustrated and combed them out.

    I’ve worn my loose hair in an Afro for about a year now, and I’ve also let my silver hang out. The two different textures are still there, but I’m at more peace with them. I SO want to loc my hair – I think they are gorgeous – but I’m thinking strongly about loc extensions so that they will be uniform and then I just need to keep on caring for them…perhaps in the fall when I’ll be less likely to be sweating a lot and needing to wash them more often…

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