5 Things You’ll Learn When Growing Long Natural Hair

This article is right on time for me as i am new to the afro world since combing out my locs in october/november of last year. Hopefully it will help some of you in your transition to loose natural hair.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Growing your hair to longer lengths requires patience, consistent effort, time, and consideration. While the journey to natural hair is a complex one, the journey to longer length hair is complex as well. You will learn a lot along the way including:

  • your patience level
  • if long hair is for you
  • your staple products
  • your go-to hair styles
  • your perfect regimen

Your Patience Level

This will be revealed to you pretty early on in your journey to longer hair. You will have to take diligent care of your hair from root to tip each day if your hair is loose. Even if your hair is braided up, in extensions or weaves there is still daily care that must be taken. Your level of patience will determine the manner you choose to grow your hair out.

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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com

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2 thoughts on “5 Things You’ll Learn When Growing Long Natural Hair

  1. OH wow! I have started following your blog and FB since deciding to lock my hair.. I actually saw a video of yours first on youtube teaching a class on locks. Very informative. I am so honored that you would share my article here!

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