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This is a great interview that one of my hair clients just participated in!  Thank you for the shout our in the article Andrea 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know what you think.











In a nutshell tell us your natural hair story

I’ve been natural for ten years. I’ve worn locs for approximately 8 of those years. A decade is a long time I guess and so much has happened in my life that I haven’t really considered this a journey or a story for quite some time. I can tell you that it was my ex-husband that encouraged me to go natural. Not only encouraged he kind of challenged me.

I grew up being a skinny dark-skinned girl with a “decent grade of hair.” I remember begging my mom for a perm when I was about nine-years-old. I did not have hair issues per say until college. A stylist switched perms on me and I lost a lot of hair. I just chalked it up to life. To me a scalp burn, a burned hair patch or a little thinning was just something that black women dealt with. I mean I didn’t know anything different.

When I got pregnant with my second daughter her father began to encourage me to consider my concepts of beauty for her sake. He just started asking these irritating questions like, “Well if part of what makes you beautiful is your long, permed hair is she less beautiful because she won’t have long permed hair?” He really irritated me with his questions! LOL

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Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com

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