Natural Hair Shampooing Dos And Don’t

Making the transition to natural hair can be a tough journey. When you are used to the results that chemicals and hot irons give you, the change can be difficult to deal with. There are so many new hair tricks you need to learn to have a rich, healthy head of hair.

Years of treating your hair could have hurt your hair and scalp. If you want to erase the damage and begin natural hair care, these are the dos and doníts for shampooing:

Donít Wash Your Hair Everyday

Itís a rookie mistake to wash your hair every single day. You may feel the instinct to let water run through your hair after a long dayís work, but over-washing can actually cause more damage. Your hair needs the natural oils that accumulate during the day. Washing too frequently will strip your hair of all the essential moisture, making it frizzier and harder to manage.

Do Shampoo Your Hair In Sections

Natural hair has the nasty tendency to break. People with normal hair usually wash their hair loose, but for those with natural Black hair, this causes breakage and tangles. The solution is to wash your hair in sections. Use braids, ties, or clips to separate the sections. Shampoo one part at a timeó it will make the process much more manageable.

Donít Forget to Rinse Properly

Hair care can be a huge hassle. For natural hair, it can take several hours longer to wash than relaxed hair. Since the process is so long, you might not feel encouraged to dedicate your time. Do not rush through rinsing out the shampooó leftover residue can give your hair a greasy quality and make your curls limp. So, take the time to rinse after shampooing properly; the time you invest will be well worth the results.

Do Pick The Best Shampoo

When it comes to getting the best shampoo for African American hair, you will want to choose products that contain the essential oils that your hair needs to promote healthy hair growth and shine. A lot of new natural hair products have emerged in the past few years, so there is bound to be something available for the current condition of your hair.

Do Give Yourself A Scalp Massage

The best way to clean your hair is from the roots. Many people make the mistake of concentrating on the ends of hair, and more so when they have split ends. Because the ends will get cleaned when the shampoo on your scalp travels down, donít place all of your focus on the tips. By massaging your scalp with shampoo, you are getting at the main cause of dirty hair.

Do Follow Up With Conditioner

Shampoo isnít the end of the natural hair washing process. You also need to use conditioner, and without an effective follow up conditioner, your hair wonít be manageable, will tangle easily and lose moisture quickly. A lot of people with natural hair opt for shea butter conditioner because it promotes extra moisture for even the driest hair.

Donít Scrub Your Hair Or Scalp

Natural hair is more prone to breakage, therefore, you must be extra tender when caring for your hair and scalp. Avoid scrubbing your hair and scalp to prevent more breakage.

As long as you follow the tips carefully, you will not only have a breakage problem, your hair will look better than ever.

Written by Guest Blogger- Marcela De Vivo

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

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*Marcela De Vivo is a freelance health writer in California whose writing for NorthWest covers everything on hair and skin care, tech, marketing, and health. To prevent breakage, she follows these tips to keep her hair healthy and moisturized.

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