Educators, Artists Aim To Transform Thinking, Laud Black Heritage In Color-Obsessed Dominican Republic

As a Spanish major and student of Afro-Latin culture this article hit home for me big time.  I love that the issue of race, self hate and self love are being addressed on a school level in the Dominican Republic.  It is long over due.  And needs to be addressed all over the globe when it comes to African Descendants in denial of their heritage.  Bravo to Luz Bautista Matos and Clara Morel on their work with teaching young girls to love their selves as they are ! Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

In a school auditorium filled with laughing students, actresses Luz Bautista Matos and Clara Morel threw themselves into acting out a fairy tale complete with a princess, a hero and acts of derring-do.

Morel had wrapped a white plastic sheet around her multi-colored blouse, while Bautista donned a brown paper bag over her blue tights. The two black actresses wore their hair free and natural, decorated only with single pink flowers.

“Yes, you’re a princess,” said Bautista to Morel, who fretted that she didn’t look like a traditional princess with her dark complexion and hair. Bautista then turned to a young girl sitting in the front row, who shared the same African-descended features as both actresses. “And you too,” Morel said as the child smiled back at her.

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