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African-American health issues are often ignored by the medical industry. Even African Americans sometimes overlook medical conditions that plague the black community. But a new online video and social media website focused on the health issues of African-American consumers and physicians, hopes to focus in on the health and well being of the African-American community. Called, it bills itself as the first ever academically based, health information website for African Americans.

The birth of came out of a shocking dinner conversation co-founder Dr. Corey Hebert had with friends. “About two years ago, I was having dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a group of African American colleagues. When the fajitas arrived at our table, one of the gentlemen felt grease pop on his skin. He immediately said, “Quick, I need to get some butter,” recalls Hebert, an award-winning medical journalist and frequent contributor to the Dr. Oz. Show. “As a physician, I thought to myself, he couldn’t be serious.  I admonished, “You’re not going to put butter on that burn!  That’s the worst thing you could ever do.” He defended vehemently, “My mom and grandma always told me I should put butter on a burn.”  Even though I was the only physician at the table, everyone argued that butter was the best way to treat a burn.”

The dinner companions turned to the Internet to see who was right.  “At that point, I realized that there was no offering for African-American health that was standardized, academically-based and interactive on the Internet,” explains Hebert. “Furthermore, if these college-educated black folks didn’t know basic first aid, then I had to do something to make health information available to all African Americans despite socioeconomic and education levels.”


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