Paul Grant Tackles AIDS and the Black Church

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Health Hero: Paul Grant Takles AIDS and the Black Church


Over the years, the Black church has been widely criticized for their moralistic attitudes and silence when it comes to the AIDS epidemic in our community. But here’s what we do know: There are some churches across the country that are tackling this issue from the pulpit and making differences in their communities.

Filmmaker Paul V. Grant’s new documentary, The Gospel of Healing Volume 1: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS, which debuted at the International HIV/AIDS Conference in D.C. this summer, highlights some of these faith-based initiatives and discusses how our community cannot grow strong in the wake of AIDS without faith. caught up with Grant to talk about his documentary, why he’s passionate about raising HIV awareness and what he hopes the film will do to inspire HIV activism in the Black church.

Why was this the story you wanted to tell?

In 2004, I co-produced a documentary for BET called Tangy’s Song! It was about an indie gospel singer, Tangy Major, who contracted HIV in the late ‘80s. Yet despite losing her son and boyfriend to the disease, she was still extremely grounded in her faith. She believed that she was healed spiritually—I was really struck by that.

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