Natural healing tips for depression

Considering I live in the south this article really hit home in terms of some of the depression I’ve seen and the fact that the south had the higher numbers.  If you moved to the south from another part of the country, leave a comment and let me know if you agree with what the article claims.  I’m glad they’re promoting a natural solution for treatment either way.

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Natural healing doesn’t have to be complicated – especially when it comes to helping people with depression or anxiety. With the right information – you can virtually eliminate the symptoms of depression without harmful (toxic) drugs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every ten people reports being depressed. The findings were that people between 45 and 64 were the most depressed, with women outnumbering men. The deep south of the United States had the highest levels of depression, in some areas ranging up to 15 percent.

Why is there so much depression?

If you look closely at our diets and lifestyles, you can see how they’ve contributed to certain conditions associated with depression. We see diabetes; allergies; chronic fatigue; hypoglycemia; hypothyroidism; heavy metal toxicity; and many more as contributing factors. Also, we have to consider all the different drugs people ingest on a regular basis.

Add to this excessive caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and a lack of proper exercise, and it’s actually a wonder more people aren’t depressed. What could people possibly be thinking?

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