Are you still natural if you color your hair?

I say yes, you are still natural even if you color your hair.  Of course I would though since I currently have purple highlights in my locs lol.  But seriously I’m a proud natural who uses color to change up my look.

 A lot of us Naturals decide to color our hair and for some it is a difficult decision.   Some wonder if they can still call themselves natural. Others are afraid of using color because of the chemicals that are in certain brands.

 A few years ago I decided to color my hair after months of being scared.  I’m so glad I took the leap.  Now I love coloring my hair.  As long as you do a deep conditioning treatment afterwards, you have nothing to worry about.   Henna is a safe, natural alternative, but it will only stain your hair.  Naturtint is a brand that claims to use natural ingredients for more permanent color.  I’ve had good experiences with it.  If you’re worried and want something chemical free, check them out.

 I don’t believe that if you use colors, you can no longer call yourself natural.  That’s ignorant.  Even though I’ve changed the color of my hair many times, it is still kinky and my curl pattern hasn’t changed at all.

Just remember that your hair has to be moisturized and nourished more after it has been color treated. 

 Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

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1 thought on “Are you still natural if you color your hair?

  1. Before my starter locs that I have now, I wore my hair loosely natural. Last year I big chopped twice becuase when I dyed my hair after the first big chop, my hair texture was thinner. I used clairols textures and tones in honey blonde. I didn’t consider myself natural after that so chopped it off again. Ever since then I haven’t dyed my hair and don’t plan on to. I just feel more comfortable knowing there isn’t any chemicals in my hair but to each it’s own.

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