Having Locs Just to Have Long Hair?

When I started my locs, the last thing on my mind was how long my hair would get.  I was happy when it was long enough to finally put in a ponytail, but starting locs just to have long hair was not my thing at all.  But apparently there are folks out here starting locs just to fulfill their life long dream of having long hair like a white girl.

Look,  it’s not my place to tell anyone why they should start their locs, BUT dang y’all, Don’t let “long hair like a white girl” be your move.  If you want long hair for fake reasons, then just sew or glue a weave in your head and leave locs to those of us who actually appreciate OUR ancestry.

And for the record, locs that are too long can cause spinal and muscle issues.  When ever my locs start to feel too heavy I pull the scissors out quick.  I’m not sacrificing the health of my neck trying to be cute and you shouldn’t either.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com

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9 thoughts on “Having Locs Just to Have Long Hair?

  1. O come on.. I agree with everyone more or less, but what does the length of hair have to do with the “price of butter”? At the risk of sounding facetious… I loc’ed cuz I wanted them, it seemed they would require a few less steps in caring for my thin, fine gray hair… wut eva the reason, it is an individual choice. We are blessed to have free will to do what we want and to reap the benefits of being black, natural, with loc’s!!!!!!!

  2. @Melinda: I’d have to agree. I haven’t met any adult black women who relate hair length with being “black” or “white”. They just want long hair period. Also, shout to those who get their length from weaves, extensions and so on, where I’m from, false hair is popular with both black and white women. I recently over head a white woman say she wouldn’t be going out tonight because she doesn’t have her extensions, here natural was at least shoulder blade length….

    @lateshia: I don’t believe false hair intends to assimilate to any culture besides fashion culture. I agree I’ve seen many a weave or wig look “unnatural” but there are countless curly weaves, kinky extensions and afro wigs on the market today meaning that not only long straight hair is popular. I get it, we should embrace out natural hair because it is what we were born with but throughout our lives we change and manipulate so much about our external selves for numerous reasons. Much of this leads to a vibrant tapestry of individualistic expression, some of it opened us to other cultures and led to today’s international world.

    @OP I keep reading the last few lines of your first paragraph. I just don’t get it. “long hair like a white girl”??? With hair in loc form??? Surely that enriches the “stereotypical” vision of appearing to be black?

  3. I don’t see a problem with wanting long hair. If a white woman says “I’m going to grow my hair long”, no one thinks anything of it. But if a black woman says “I’m going to grow my hair long with locs”, then that’s a problem? I’ll say it – I want long hair, my own way, and that’s the main reason I locked my hair. It has nothing to do with me wanting to look like a white woman. I will look like a black woman with my own long, natural hair.

  4. I can’t see anything wrong with wanting to grow locs for just length personally, though if such a person were to spout your “white girl” phrase I’d be a little skeptical.

    As long as the person understands the maintenance and care required to get long hair I’d say loc up!

    Enjoyed the post.


  5. I agree that one should be proud of our ancestry. I do feel that we should take pride in the natural hair, and I do. I am not into looking or wanting to be a like white girl as a few may seem to do. But that is their choice. I like my hair long (as a little girl I had long hair too) and natural because that is what I want. And the healthiest way to have long hair is in locks for me. I used to have my hair braided but you do have to take out the braids and re-braid the hair. This locked style has been a blessing. It makes the hair grow what seems faster because of less breakage. They look beautiful in all hair types with a curl. I love it. And as long as my hair is not heavy on my neck GOD willing I will grow as long as I want it…to the waist or so. It is now past the shoulder blades.

  6. I disagree with that! Most of us were brought up to believe our hair would not grow past our shoulders let alone the backside. True excessive length can be cumbersome for others, however many of us do fine with very long locks. I rather see a sistah rock long “real” dreads than putting fake weaves and hair pieces which in my opinion is assimilating to a white culture that deems this as the beauty standard. Locked hair that growing out your scalp healthy is not trying be white even if the motive is for length! It is because given what God has blessed us with is the hair growing potential!!! 😉

  7. White girls are not the only ones with long hair, why can’t it be that sisters want locs to finally have the opportunity to have long hair just for the sake of having long hair just because they want it??? To be like themselves only with more lengthy hair! I don’t understand.

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