Oregon Natural Hair Act may ease licensing regulations for hair braiders

I think there should be some type of training that braiding stylist go through to do hair, BUT, I don’t think they should have to go to the same schools that chemical stylist go to.  There are so many braid shops tearing peoples edges out because they braid too tightly or use synthetic hair that many are allergic to.   I pride myself on putting the health of my clients hair above all else, but many stylist just want the money and don’t care what condition they leave your hair in.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Portland-area lawmakers say they hope to ease Oregon’s regulations on people who braid hair, a service that now requires a state license.

Oregon is criminalizing hair braiders or forcing them to go to Washington, Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer told The Oregonian.

The bill planned for the legislative session next year is called the Natural Hair Act, the paper (http://is.gd/9VoMk5 ) said Monday in a report that highlighted the case of Amber Starks.

Starks, 31, started a hair-braiding business in Vancouver, Wash., after she discovered she needed a cosmetology license to do the work in Oregon.

That could mean spending up to 1,700 hours in a beauty school with tuition of more than $10,000 and taking tests with many questions about chemicals. Braiders typically do not use chemicals, heat or scissors.

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