Natural Hair-Care Companies, Black-Business Owners, and the Retail Boom

While flipping through your favorite magazine you may notice an increase in advertisement featuring African-American models and celebrities who’ve opted to go relaxer free. Among the products advertised, you may run across many that are Black-owned.

The increase of natural hair awareness is prompting a gradual increase in Black-owned companies catering to natural hair. Black women are increasingly making efforts to manage their natural hair textures, and by doing so, they are generating a huge market for natural hair care products, which has attracted the attention of mainstream companies looking to enter the natural hair-care arena. As a result, companies that once marketed exclusively to relaxed hair (Proctor and Gamble, Revlon, etc.) are creating new products to coincide with other independent companies that cater exclusively to natural and curly hair textures.

The Black Snob’s, Danielle Belton, wrote an insightful article for Clutch magazine concerning mainstream hair-care companies and their sudden shift toward the natural care market.

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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

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