How to Protect Your Natural Hair

At first glance, afro textured hair would appear resilient. It’s thick, it’s full, it’s cottony, it looks pretty darned tough, but looks can be deceiving. Natural African American hair is actually one of the most delicate hair textures that there is. It doesn’t take much to damage it at all, so if you want to maintain a head full of beautiful curls there are a few general safety rules that must be followed.

Wrap it up
A large majority of our hair’s damage occurs while we’re sleeping. We toss, we turn, and all the while the delicate ends of our hair are being ripped apart by the friction of it rubbing against a cotton pillow. To prevent splitting ends while you slumber, wrap your hair up in a silk or satin scarf before bed, or purchase a satin pillow case.

Maintain Moisture
African American hair needs moisture to thrive. A spray bottle full of water is your hair’s best (and cheapest) friend. Condition your hair regularly, and if you feel it drying out throughout the day, give it a quick spritz of water. For added moisture add a tiny amount of your favorite conditioner to the bottle as well for inexpensive leave in conditioning.

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