Using the right Shampoo for your black hair type

Avoiding the frizz

Sometimes no matter what  natural hairstyle you wear by the end of the day your hair is frizzy and dry. Dry hair is not only caused by an in consistent hair regimen, but also by the wrong shampoo for your natural hair. The right shampoo can cut down on your blow-drying time, and on the amount of hair serums used while blow drying
You need to get the right shampoo for your natural hair type. Some of us choose shampoos based on what others say about it, or how popular it is in the ”natural hair world”
The ingredients in some of the shampoos I have seen on the market and that have proven to be quite popular do not contain the right ingredients to give your natural hair the help it needs to turn out a beautiful hair style or braid out
Using the wrong hair care products for your hair will only result in hair damage and sometimes years of a setback when it comes to hair growth and length tension.

Washes and Oily hair

If you have oily natural hair, you can use a lighter shampoo, to minimize the amount of product you will use on your hair after you wash
If you have very oily hair, you can actually skip, your normal co-washing step and just go straight into a leave in and moisturizer, this will leave your hair smoother and easier to blow dry. Giving you an smoother bouncier blow dry.

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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

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