Wendy Willams disses Viola Davis for going natural on the red carpet.

I was irritated along with everyone else when I heard Wendy put Viola down for wearing her natural hair to The Oscars.  But then I had to remind myself that this is a woman who has her own show yet doesn’t have enough self esteem or self respect to wear her hair natural on her own program.  So of course she doesn’t get how beautiful natural hair is.  This is a woman who brags about the two tons of wig that she puts on everyday as if it’s something to be proud of.  The idea that natural hair is not “professional” or “red carpet worthy” is moronic.  Viola was a Natural Goddess on the red carpet last Sunday and should be respected for the bold step forward that she took.

Wendy doesn’t have guts enough to get rid of the wigs and embrace her own natural hair so really her opinion on it doesn’t matter.  I’m well aware that she has a thyroid issue and has thin hair, but that should give her even more motivation to get rid of the relaxer and wigs and give what hair she has a chance to be healthy.  Even Oprah embraced her natural hair for a whole season on her show before she refried it with relaxer in her last season on air.  Granted, she had it flat ironed or blow dried out, but she still went natural.  So since you want to be Oprah so bad Wendy, you should follow her lead and go natural for a season before you talk smack about other folks hair.

Stick to your usual non factual celeb gossip Wendy and leave the natural hair comments alone until you have enough sense to wear your own hair natural.

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