Lime Juice for natural birth control ?

I’ve never been a fan of popping pills for birth control because of all the side effects.  As a matter of fact the only time I take “medicine” is when I want to get rid of cramps once a month lol.  So my interest was peaked when i came across this article which says that including lime juice into your diet can naturally prevent you from getting pregnant until you’re ready.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for









It is common to hear women talk about using lemon juice solutions as a postcoital douche, with the belief that it prevents pregnancy and/ or sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, lemon and lime juices are widely used for douches among women at high risk of HIV transmission in Central Nigeria. Drinking lime juice is also used by women in preventing conception.

Scientists in a new study have corroborated the usefulness of lime in the prevention of pregnancy. Extrapolating the findings in an animal study to humans, the scientists indicated that lime indeed has anti-infertility properties, thus supporting its folkloric use in the prevention of pregnancy in the community.

In the study that looked at the effect of lime juice on the ovaries and womb of Sprague-Dawley rats, the researchers found that lime reduced the number of ova (the female egg) shed and also caused an irregularity in the histology of the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus), hence possibly compromising fertility.

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5 thoughts on “Lime Juice for natural birth control ?

  1. Can lime and Lipton makes period to be irregular because I discover that after taking it my period becomes irregular and I going to conceive soon.

  2. When i was younger i used to drink pure squeezed lemon juice after sex. I never got preg. But later on i did wanna have babies and struggled for many yrs to conceive. But afterwards i finally got preg. And now im the mother of 4 beautiful children

  3. Wow!!

    At our women’s camp this weekend we discussed this issue! A doctor had recommended to one of our women that she use marijuana seeds.One per year of preferred infertility. She never had the courage.Interesting that this popped up in my list this morning.

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