Dear Whitney (My love for Whitney Houston)

I couldn’t do another hair story without taking time out to pay homage to one of my favorite singers, Whitney Houston.  I have been crying on and off for the last few days, still in disbelief that Whitney is gone so soon.  Back in the day I was a huge fan a Bobby Brown and Whitney and was so excited when they got married because I was like “something great has to come out of this union”.  Regardless of how it turned out, I still include Bobby as part of her family, so I hope that he is included in the celebration of her life. The great that came out of their union is Bobbi Kristina. I’ve been mostly feeling worry for their daughter Bobbi Kristina and praying for her whole family to come together and not let the press separate them in their time of grief.   I also feel that it is important for people to stop blaming Bobby for Whitney’s demise.  They both had their demons long before they knew each other.  Bobbi Kristina needs to hear positive things about both of her parents right now.

Just like many other little girls/young women growing up, I couldn’t wait for a new Whitney Houston song to come out just so i could try to sing it and see if by some miracle I could hit the same notes as her lol.  To this day when I am alone in my car going from hair client to hair client, I still belt out Whitney songs to myself and have my own concert 🙂  I will miss her terribly even though i never met her.  Her energy and voice will forever be lifted up by me and hopefully by you all too.  Though she had her trials and tribulations, Whitney still had the voice of an angel.  My prayers are with all of Whitney’s family and friends. Below is one of my favorite Whitney songs that I sing all the time.  Please play the video and help me remember our angel on earth who has now been lifted up to be a goddess.

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for


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