Rose extract helpful for winter skin problems

In the cold dry air of winter many types of skin problems often flare up. In Syracuse where the winter weather conditions are often very harsh, natural treatments for skin problems are appreciated by people suffering from more skin problems than usual this time of year. An extract made from rose has surfaced as a good remedy for the common skin complaints associated with winter.
Dr. Richard Foxx has reported for The Doctors Health Press “Use This Herb to Help Soothe Dry Skin.” The effects of rose extract on human skin cells has been studied by researchers at the School of Life Sciences, University of Kingston, in the United Kingdom. These researchers have assessed the effectiveness of three plant extracts for their potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity in human skin “fibroblasts” along with their capacity to prevent free radical damage.
Fibroblasts are cells which are made of connective tissue that produces and secretes fibers. The fibers could be collagen, reticular and/or elastic. Fibers which are produced by fibroblasts help to maintain your skin health, particularly when it comes to wound healing and tissue repair. The structural framework for many other tissues in your body are also provided by fibroblasts.
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