Night Time Natural Hair Care

Night time hair care is just as important as all other hair care, if not more. Not properly caring for your hair at night can compromise or defeat the purpose of all the other good hair care you give to yourself each day.

First, consider your current night time hair care regimen and compare that to your daily care. What do you do that is different? Sometimes we can take so much time and care in the primping portion of hair care that we omit some of the important things like wrapping the hair at night. If you are not a scarf wearer, you can opt for a satin bonnet, ‘do rag’, or satin pillow case.

Loose curls & Afros. If you are wearing an afro or loose natural style, even if you just tie it up at night, it may turn out very smooshed in the morning. What you can do to prevent this from happening is to section the hair, (no definition needed) and plait the hair in large plaits. This keeps the hair stretched and also makes it easier to sleep on-not worrying about actually smashing your fro. When you wake up in the morning, you can unfurl the plaits and pick your fro in place. You should have volume and manageable tresses.

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