More African American Women Going Natural

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for


Six years ago, Angela Williams suffered through many bad hair days.

Her fragile hair was breaking off and thinning out, and she knew the culprit likely was the chemical relaxer she used to permanently straighten her curly tresses every few months.

Fed up with her damaged hair, the local artist said she experienced an “aha” moment.

“I was just tired. I wanted to try something new, and I wasn’t getting the good results of perming my hair. The only thing I got from it was not keeping my hair on my head,” Williams said.

She decided to stop relaxing her hair and “go natural.” “Going natural” refers to women with afro-textured hair cutting off their chemically processed hair to cultivate the curly ringlets that naturally grow from their scalps. With the help of other natural enthusiasts online, more and more women are embracing their hair in what appears to be a cultural trend in the African-American community.

“From the time that we’re young, a lot of African-American women are told to straighten and press their hair to keep it maintained and don’t let your roots grow in, keep it straight,” Williams said. “And now with our culture, being natural is more accepted.”

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