What the Wig is going on ?!

So I’m enjoying the Soul Train Awards last night and then the shock of Marsha Ambrosius & Lalah Hathaway in similar wigs throws me off.  I’m like “what the heck is going on ?” Now granted, I’ll take a wig over a relaxer anyday, but why are these two women who have two of the best heads of natural hair in the game, now wearing wigs that are not even flattering.  Even my dad had to say something about how ridiculous they looked and he’s usually indifferent to what women do with their hair lol.  I mean, was natural hair not allowed on stage this year or something ?  Marsha threw me off a little, but then when Lalah came out with almost the same wig i’m like hold up !  Hopefully they haven’t gone the route of Jill Scott in frying their hair with a relaxer or thinking about it.  You look at the pics below and tell me what you think.

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4 thoughts on “What the Wig is going on ?!

  1. So sad. ITA with what Baptiste said. It is us who have to change this. Also black people who are in a postion to make a positive change in that direction are not doing it. They will not be seen with their natural hair. It´s a shame for them. But they forget that it´also the TRUTH.

  2. Sad that we don’t love ourselves enough to realize I look better naturally, but until “WE THE PEOPLE” start writing in to the record labels, TV BROADCASTERS, magazines to support our Afrocentric Artist and DEMAND to see more positive images of self. The wig will remain SUPREME unfortunately.

  3. somebody please tell whats the deal with tbis weave/wig craze ! ? ! ? I don’t get it. Now before I start I must say I LOVE black women, however it’s a real turn off when I come across them wearing these weaves. The smell, because they want the weave to last longer, so they don’t wash they’re hair. It’s not our natural texture of hair so everyone knows it’s fake ! In closing I’ve never heard a man say ” Dayum ! thats I great looking weave, I gotta holla at her. ” Black women look beautiful with afros cornrows and even bald ! In fact most men I’ve talked to LOVE women with short hair. Most times they think she’s confident and sexy. So can any one explain this phenomena to me please ? ( this is an actual question and not an insult so please no need to send hate mail )

  4. I thought that Lalah looked way better than Marsha Marsha’s wig was old.. I pers prob thought it was a bad hair night…overall…and a wig was a quick fix. Shoot..on those days when I wanna “be someone else”…I might get me a big, curly lionness wig. LOL.

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