To be a Nappy Girl…

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for


Natural hair or nappy hair?  At the moment, we see many girls who are “nappy”.  Urban Dictionary defines Nappy as:  “Tightly coiled / curled unaltered hair. Coiled hair in its natural state as found on people of African descent who do not chemically alter their hair texture”.  ”Nappy” it’s to leave our natural black hair in the way it was during and after birth and therefore, to assume its natural texture.

We have a tendency to fight the “kinks” in our hair so we want to uncurl hair because it’s easier to brush.  But, keep doing this as soon as we anticipate the natural hair re-growth. It’s almost become a phenomenon of society because we talk about nappy girls in magazine and through many blogs. Many women want to take care of their hair and, with that special care; there is a realization that certain haircuts could be funky all the while leaving black hair in its natural hair phase.

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