The Compound Effect in Natural Hair Care

Nyesha Samuel,  Publisher/Master Loctician for


Most writers will tell you that they are also avid readers. I am no exception to the rule. Interestingly, one book that has informed my understanding of hair care is not really a hair care book at all. It’s a little book called, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. In the book, Hardy states that, “Success is not doing 5,000 things really well. Success is doing a half dozen things really well— 5,000 times.” And it’s true. When I heard this, it immediately made me think of the very well intentioned but over the top, bank-breaking hair care regimens and routines I’ve seen over the years. We are doing too much, and we get to this point because we really don’t know or want to accept the basics of healthy hair care. Let’s face it— the basics are boring. Cleanse, condition, moisturize and keep my hands out of my hair can’t be all, right?

So what happens? We indulge in distractions. We build unnecessary complication into our regimens. We end up following 5 different hair care gurus’ regimens hoping that something (or some magical new combination of things) will be “the thing” or “the product” that allows us to break from the pack. We’ll have 4 different moisturizers and more rare, exotic oils than BP and Exxon combined. (Is Kentucky Bluegrass Oil really better than Polynesian Fairy Island Oil or does Bohemian Muskrat oil top them all?) We’ll have enough vitamins and supplements to make GNC and the FDA nervous. We’ll deep condition for 2 days straight, rinse, repeat, try a new honey-avocado pre-shampoo growth mixture, apply a clay mask, work in some henna and do 3 different length checks in a span of 72 hours all because someone in a book, behind a screen or behind a chair told us to.

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