Oh Snap! Why Black Hair Needs Elasticity

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com


So why does hair elasticity matter anyway? Easy. So your strands don’t break. That’s why sistas who want to grow out their tresses or maintain certain voluminous styles must learn how to cultivate hair that snaps back without popping when stretched. CurlyNikki.com lists several things you should consider to better your understanding of what elasticity means and how it’s affected by your hair’s inner structure.

How much elasticity does your hair have? Simply put, this is a measure of how much your strands can stretch and then return to their pre-stretched size. To check how elastic your strands are, wet your hair and select several from four separate areas of your head. Next, stretch each strand one at a time. If your four strands stretch and return to their original length when released, then your hair has excellent elasticity. If your strands break or don’t return to their former shape, it’s likely your hair is not very elastic. But don’t start fretting yet—a little more knowledge can help build your hair’s resilience, so keep reading!

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