More black women embracing beauty of natural hair

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for


Ten years ago, Officer, now 33, decided to stop using relaxers on her hair and go natural.

After trying transitional styles for 10 months, she went for the Big Chop, often known as the B.C., and started sporting a T.W.A. — a teeny weeny afro. She so adopted the natural hair movement that when her stylist moved, Officer bought the salon. The business eventually closed, but she remains a staunch advocate of natural hair for black women and wears hers in locs — a style where the hair “locks” together as it grows.

“I consider hair to be not only personal grooming and maintenance, but personal self,” she said. “It’s also a statement of your identity.”

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1 thought on “More black women embracing beauty of natural hair

  1. Natural hair rocks! Have had my locks for 5 years! I feel empowered with my natural hair, It makes me feel authentic, not trying to be someone else. Embracing our natural hair is an expression of who we are as black women!

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