Local barber a pioneer in black hair care

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com


Longtime entrepreneur WillieMorrow has a collection of antique barber tools in his Lemon Grove warehouse, including a vintage hair dryer from the turn of the 20th century. JOHN GASTALDO • U-T


Standing in the middle of his Lemon Grove warehouse and office, Willie Morrow slows his voice down from its usual brisk clip and explains what he’s been doing all these years.

“I’m just a barber.”

Since when was Willie Lee Morrow ever just a barber?

At a hale 71 years old, he’s also an inventor, writer, business owner, historian, newspaper publisher and a self-taught chemist who is seen as a pioneer in the field of African-American hair care.

He’s got a book coming out this week (“Bald Heads Don’t Lie”) and an autobiography later this year (“If My Barber Chair Could Talk”).

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