Five Major Hair Care Myths you Shouldn’t Believe

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for



Plucking a Grey Hair Causes Two to Grow Back

It is absolutely not true; Plucking hair will actually damage your hair roots. It can even infect the empty root and lead to severe pain by leaving a scar. It, by no means cause more grey hairs to sprout out. If it does, then people would have never faced baldness as it provides the best natural remedy for it.

Brushing your Hair Every Night Makes it Grow and Add shine

There is an age old belief that brushing your hair at night is good compare to combing. In fact too much of brushing could damage your hair by causing split ends. Excessive brushing can lead to breakage or hair fall problems. Always try to use a boar’s bristle brush and avoid brushing when it’s wet. This myth originated in the middle Ages to reallocate scalp oils. Today it’s not relevant as most people use shampoo.

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