Do the chemicals in hair dye change the curl pattern in natural hair?

This is a good question. I would say it depends on the persons hair and if they’ve had color in their hair recently or if it’s their 1st time adding color.  I’ve never seen a persons curl pattern change when i’ve colored their hair, but then again i aim for the more natural dyes or little chemical as possible dyes when i color my clients hair.  I have however heard stories of women who’s hair wasn’t as curly or thick once they used a permanent hair color on their hair.  What many don’t realize is that using a permanent hair color with amonia & or peroxide in it can be just as harmful as using a relaxer on your hair depending on how sensitive your hair pattern is to chemicals being introduced to your hair.

I would also say that the blond treatments are definitely going to cause damage over the darker colors because of the bleach involved which means you’re going to have to do a conditioning treatment on your hair to help it bounce back from the bleach trauma.  Sometimes though, your hair is too sensitive to bounce back after a trauma like bleach and will need to be cut off and regrown from scratch to get it back to normal.

If you’re doing your color yourself i would definitely recommend doing and small section of your hair and seeing how it turns out before you use permanent color on your whole head so you’ll know what to expect.

Your best bet is going to be using something like Henna or a Henna based color treatment because it’s natural and you’ll have less chance of damage occurring to your hair & your scalp.

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