Wellness – 30-Something, Single, and Wanting a Baby ?

As a 30 something single woman this article peaked my interest. Granted I’m not in a hurry to have a baby, but it would be nice someday.  Some feel the pressure of their “biological clock” and for others it’s a go with the flow type of thing.  I’m definitely going with the flow on the baby thing for now.  If the right person is around at the right time I’m for it, but that’s how I feel today. Who knows ? 5 years from now if i’m still single and babyless the sperm bank may be calling my name LOL.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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What does 30 years old look like to you?  Many of the teens I teach assume that 30 marks a dark depressing, decent into obscurity complete with Colonial Penn life insurance premiums and AARP cards.  But to my own younger self, 30 was always glamorous and sophisticated.  I pictured myself well-established in my career inside my mini-mansion with the spiral staircase in the suburbs drinkingmimosas with my clique reminiscent of the cast of Girlfriends.  I also thought I would have at least one child and be working on my second. Perfect, right?  Well all of us that subscribe to reality know that life is all the things that take place while you plan for it.  It rarely flows according to plan.

Truthfully, I was never the girl who daydreamed of baby showers and baby booties. I fantasized about briefcases and boardrooms.  The decision to become a parent is something I always wanted to make on my terms, and not on the expectations of others, and if I can decide when I can start a family after reaching these terms, even better.  Your biological clock determines the flow of your hormones and the capacity of your body.  If those same hormones could attract a healthy loving relationship and financial stability, maybe parenting wouldn’t appear as intimidating.  Who am I kidding?  Parenting is scary, exciting, incredible, stressful and rewarding regardless of your age or relationship status.

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