Transtioning to Natural – Debora “Debz”

HI!! My name is Debora but everybody calls me “Debz”. I am transitioning back to natural hair (this is my second time,I was natural for 4 years). I’ve recently cut the majority of my permed ends so my transitioning journey is almost done *dancing*. I’ve created a blog to share my journey and also provide tips.

Picture 1 is my new cut and current look, picture 2 is from nov 2010 and is one of my go-to transitioning styles (bantu knot out), picture 3 is me with a half wig which i use as a protective style during my transition.

  • How long do you plan to transition? I’ve been transitioning for a year now, I just chopped off the majority of my permed ends and I plan on chopping the rest for new year’s to reveal a new TRUE natural me.
  • What styles are helping you through transitioning? WIGS!! I wear half wigs and mostly do Bantu Knot Outs when I wear my hair. I straighten all of my hair like once a month to do length checks.
  • Do you have support in your life concerning your going natural? If not, how are you handling any criticism? This is my SECOND time going natural,the first time I never wore my natural texture but it did inspire a few of my friends(including my mom) to go natural as well. I really don’t have much negativity around me and if I do I just take it in stride and keep on with my journey.
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