How to find a “real” natural hair stylist/salon

This is a very timely article considering the boom in African American/Black people who are going natural with their hair these days. There are many salons out there who claim to be natural or offer natural services, but it’s vital that you do proper research on a person before you let them handle your precious natural hair.

I trained under one of the experts in the article, Tahliah Waajid.

In the article they mention that a natural stylist should be licensed, but I don’t agree with that 100 percent. I think if the beauty schools had proper training on how to deal with natural hair I would agree more with that statement, but most don’t. The majority of beauty schools teach you how to deal with chemically treated hair, so i don’t see how that would help a person who’s focus is natural hair care. That’s how I ended up getting certified in one of Tahliah’s classes, because she was one of the few who had natural hair care training available. Ironically when I took the class I already knew most of what she was teaching that day, but I still wanted to get the certification for professional purposes 🙂

Leave a comment and let me know what your natural hair salon/stylist experience has been and if you found this article helpful 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs
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Experts tell how to spot “real” natural hair salons/stylist

Transitioning to natural hair can be such a task especially when trying to find the right styles and products to properly maintain your hair. However, confident guidance from a natural hair stylist invested in teaching you about your hair can liberate your transition experience.

Stylist credibility
A natural stylist should be a licensed cosmetologist, well versed in several hair techniques, and trained in natural hair care.

“Find out if they are they really invested in natural hair,” says Tahliah Waajid, master natural hair stylist, creator of Black Earth Hair products, and host of the World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show in Atlanta. “Have they taken any additional training or classes to really learn about how to care for natural black hair?”

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