A Natural Story – Belinda

Hi Nyesha,

I hope all is well.  I wanted to drop a quick line to share something with you.  I’m not sure if you know this but because of my travel schedule I have had to maintain my loc extensions myself (thank you for the videos!)  Well I have been using the Nyraju peppermint tea tree shampoo and conditioner, herbal hair oil, and tropical hair butter.  I love all of the products and even the candles I got as a free gift with my orders. Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous!  (I’m ordering the fragrance oil and body butter next).

That’s not all.  I used the above mentioned products on my daughter’s hair for the first time on yesterday.  My daughter is natural and we don’t use any heat.  I usually use another (much more expensive) brand on her hair but ran out.  So here is what I did:  shampoo, condition, detangle (she didn’t even flinch the conditioner made her hair easy to comb), put into large twists and let air dry.  Next day moisturized with oil and twisted with hair butter.  Her hair looks (and smells) great!

I wanted you to know that I LOVE the products and the customer service and you have a customer as long as your doors are open!  Please share this email with the Nyraju family!  Thank you!!!!!!

P.S.  One day I will actually have the pleasure of YOU performing my loc extension maintenance!


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1 thought on “A Natural Story – Belinda

  1. Belinda, you are definitely one of our best clients at http://www.nyrajuskincare.com ! Feedback like yours is what makes us love what we do even more. I am so happy to hear that the products you love so much are now helping your daughter in her natural hair journey as well. She looks beautiful with her freshly twisted hair in the photos ! So proud of you both and I look forward to pampering your loc extensions for you in the future.

    Nyesha 🙂

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