Celebrity Stylist being negative about natural hair

While doing hair last month I was introduced to the show Beveryly Hills Fabulous while doing a client’s hair.  The title alone should let you know it’s not a natural hair friendly program.  But my client said the drama was funny so I said ok let’s watch it.  It wasn’t my cup of tea, so the one viewing was enough for me, until….

Against my better judgment I gave the show another chance because sometimes the pilot episode doesn’t do a show justice.  So about an hour ago I caught the latest episode in which celebrity hair stylist Sean Cameron (in the above photo) proceeded to go on and on about how much he hates working with natural hair.  He announced to america not to come to him if you have a thick healthy head of natural hair.  The bad part wasn’t just him putting down natural hair,  it was the fact that during his tantrum he had a client in his chair with one of the most beautiful heads of natural hair I’ve seen on televison.

If I was her, I would have gotten up and walked out taking my money elsewhere, but this chic decided to sit there and let him rag her out.  Then to add insult to injury, he passes her off to his assistant refusing to finish her hair and the chic still didn’t leave.  Obviously being on camera was more important to her than having someone positive put their hands in her hair.

Granted, looking at Sean he obviously could care less about some natural hair the way he bleaches his down to the root, but dogging out a clients hair so negatively, especially while they’re in your chair is beyond unprofessional.  I guess if the girl in the chair wasn’t offended then I shouldn’t be either, but I was not just offended as someone with natural hair.  I was offended as a natural stylist who takes pride in her clients and their hair and would never treat a client that way.

I do want to give a shout out to Lolita Goods who is another stylist on the show that made it a point to say she doesn’t promote the use of chemicals on hair while talking to another stylist.  Thanks for supporting the natural crew Lolita !

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

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Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com

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5 thoughts on “Celebrity Stylist being negative about natural hair

  1. I think that the conversations that these stylist have in front of clients are very alful.And this is suppose to be beverly hills.Looking at Elgin Charles, you would think that he would hire stylist like him

  2. Celina, I thought Claudia was on a different episode ? Didn’t Claudia get a sew in done on the episode she appeared on ? And wasn’t her hair black ? I’m not speaking of that episode. This episode had a different girl in the chair with hair much fuller and longer than Claudia’s. Also Sean and Claudia are supposedly good friends and I doubt highly he would let his assistant touch one of his celeb client’s hair. I know the episode you’re speaking of, but the one I wrote about is the latest one. Claudia was on a few weeks ago and her hair definitely could have looked better when she left the salon. The Claudia episode was actually the one I saw at my client’s house 🙂 Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  3. I saw the episode and the client was a model by the name of Claudia Jordan (former Miss Rhode Island and worked on The Price is Right). I was upset at how Sean was treating her hair and to be honest…her hair did not look all that great when he was done. I know Claudia personally and her lovely thick hair and in my opinion, her hair could’ve been done so much better.

  4. It’s really sad that he has such a poor character in a profession where it’s great to have a more intimate relationship with your client. Speaking those words over someones crown chakra is highly disrespectful.

  5. I saw that episode and was offended and appalled by his unprofessionalism and disrespect towards his client and have a hard time believing that any of that was real, she probably was paid to sit there and deal with his negative rants. The show is a disgrace to black hair salon businesses as a a whole and its interesting to see a salon that is supposed to be so upscale and catering to the rich act so ghetto and unprofessional. Vh1 could’ve kept that show!

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