African American Hair Care Tips from a Cosmetologist

This is a really good article in terms of breaking down African American hair on a scientific level for all to understand and how to take care of it.  Of course for us naturals you can ignore the “perm care” section 🙂  But overall it’s very informative.  I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

Hair damage and hair breakage continue to be a big problem in the black community. Therefore, consumers need to get more educated on their hair needs in order to get satisfactory results in growing and maintaining a healthy mane.

Black hair comes in various textures and types from oily loose curls to dry and brittle tight coils. When the correct product is used on the hair, the hair feels more manageable, looks healthier, and best of all, maintains its growing length. Below is life-changing information that will have your and your children’s hair at its optimal health and length.


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1 thought on “African American Hair Care Tips from a Cosmetologist

  1. I am contemplating returning to my natural roots because of all the damage that I’ve done to my hair using relaxers and heat styling. Thanks for the tips.

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