Mane Teas – Sage Tea for your Natural Hair

Sage Tea for your Natural Hair !

By Aisha Alayande

The main ingredients for your mane are not always on the shelf at a beauty supply or drug store or in your local supermarket. Most of the time, what you need to pamper your hair are just the Mane Teas.

Sage is known as an herb for women. It is honored as the tonic that facilitates reproductive health and helps cool off women who are experiencing night sweats. What many may not know about sage is its ability to reduce dandruff  and restore color to gray or dull hair.

4 tbsp. Of sage steeped in a gallon of water for at least 15 minutes will make a great rinse for a scalp in need of dandruff relief or help with color restoration. In addition to a diet rich in fruits & vegetables with plenty of water, a sage tea rinse twice a week is a sure way to many great mane days.  So boil, brew and be blissful with your Mane Teas.

Aisha Alayande is an herbalist and owner of The Healing Pot.
Boil, Brew & Be Blissful.

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