How to avoid heat styling damage to your hair

Many times I hear women say that they want to wear their hair straight without having to perm/put a relaxer in it.  A great temporary way for straightening your hair is by having it hot combed/flat ironed straight depending on your hair type.  Every one’s hair can’t bounce back after having it straightened so knowing your hair typeis very important before attempting this style.

Below is an article that explains how to straighten your hair without causing damage.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

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How to avoid heat styling damage to your hair

The beauty of Afro textured hair is the many styling options that it offers. Women of color can choose to wear their hair kinky, curly, braided, and they can also opt to straighten their hair. However, when heat styling tools are used they can also leave splitting, breaking, and dry hair behind.

To avoid damage from heat styling follow these tips:

  1. After applying heat to your hair wait a longer time period before applying heat to your hair again, perhaps limit using  a blow dryer or flat iron to only once every two to three weeks, the less heat comes in contact with your hair the better it is for your hair’s health.

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