Hair Styles for African-American Children

Many parents are often torn about how to keep their children’s hair natural and what styles to put it in.  I found a great article with suggestions on different styles that you and your kids will enjoy for their natural hair.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Peace 🙂

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Hair Styles for African-American Children – Healthy Locs Blog

There is an undeniable need for education about maintaining African-American hair, especially for children. Due to a lack of knowledge and difficulty with hair care, perms and texturizers are used at very early ages to ease the strain of styling the hair. Unfortunately, the child is usually too young for such harsh chemical treatments. Proper styling technique can make a world of difference for the children and the parents.


  • For little girls, ponytails range from one to as many as you can handle putting in. Ponytails can be worn braided with hair ornaments or bands that won’t get caught in hair, or they can be worn loose. Loose ponytails tangle faster than braided ones, and need some tender loving care at the end of the day.
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