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The Best Hair Care Products for Black Women

by HealthyLocs on January 16, 2011

All hair is not created equal and because of this you need to know the best products for your hair type. As african american/black women, our hair has different needs from other hair types so it’s important to use the right products to give your hair a chance to truly be healthy :-) Below is an article with great tips on how to do this.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace :-)

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Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for

The Best Hair Care Products for Black Women

Many black women have coarse, curly hair that is prone to frizziness, dryness and breakage. Fortunately, a number of hair-care companies have stepped up to the unique challenges of black hair care. Whether you straighten your hair, get weaves or go all natural, there are great products for your hair type available at all price points.


For hair that is very dry, look for a shampoo that is pH balanced; too much alkalinity can be damaging, especially to color-treated hair. Avoid shampoos containing alcohol, a major drying agent. Some black women choose shampoos that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is the main detergent ingredient in most shampoos. Many natural and organic shampoos do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Consider only washing your hair every other day to help retain more of its natural moisture.

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